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Having worked in the Telecommunications, TV and Technology sector all of my career, a company restructure presented an opportunity for change. Change can be unsettling, however after decades of International travel, planes, hire cars, hotels and jet lag, a window opened up to pursue and combine my passions of Live Music, Photography and the great outdoors


Live music of all kinds has provided me with a real buzz since I was a teenager and I always tried to find it on on my travels. Now, through the kindness and help from certain individuals giving me access and a "leg up", I have been able to combine that with photography. Not only does it takes the buzz of Live Music to a whole new level, it also provides a really challenging set of conditions to photograph, from rapidly changing light, 0 to 100% in the blink of an eye... to fast moving guitar hero poses. It can seem a million miles from the slow paced capture of the landscape / nightscape image, however years of photographing and chasing the rapidly changing Aurora Borealis has provided a solid foundation and skill.


Enough about me...lets seize the moment and capture it in a photograph             




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